Fares and rates for services

Valid price-list of UAB TransTo (Ltd.) is provided after making an inquiry (we choose the variant that is the best and the cheapest for you, after the inquiry made we send offer, you will be able to select the variant that is the best for you);

2. Invoicing and payment

2.1. Invoices for transportation services are paid without any deductions within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the day of invoice drawn (having concluded a contract). And if Parties do not conclude a contract, it is paid immediately after the service provided (after freight delivery), but not later than the next day.

2.2. "Invoice to the customer" means expenses that shall be paid by the customer according to the invoice;

2.3 "Invoice to the recipient" of service means expenses that shall be paid by the recipient according to the invoice. If the recipient refuses to pay, invoice for transportation is automatically drawn to the customer;

2.4. "To the third party" means expenses due to which the invoice is drawn to another party, but not to the customer or recipient of services;

2.5. Responsibility for payment of all services (expenses) falls on the person who ordered services.

3. Placing an order for services and its acceptance

3.1. When ordering services, the Client must order by telephone indicated in contacts according to the city or on the Internet (inquiry);

3.2. In each case the order must contain the following information:

  • Client's data - title (name, surname), address, contact person, telephone number, e-mail;
  • Information about freight (weight, volume and other information determining the selection of vehicle)
  • Service (freight transportation, loader service)
  • Desirable service time and place, contact person and telephone number....
  • The client may also provide other information, terms and requirements in the order, form or commentaries;
  • If order is provided by form that is being filled (inquiry) on and not by telephone, we will contact you within 1 (one) hour by e-mail, telephone, depending on the type of communications you refer in the form;

4. These items are not accepted for transportation:

  • Weapons and their parts;
  • Explosives and ammunition;
  • Narcotic or psychotropic drugs;
  • Alive animals or plants;
  • Money;
  • Human remains or body parts;

5. Freight packing:

5.1 All goods shall be prepared and packed by the client for safe transportation;

5.2 Proper documents shall be provided (waybills)

6. Times of services:

Having confirmed your order we will inform about the exact time of freight taking and delivery;

7. Claims:

7.1. All claims are provided on paper within 7 working days;

7.2. Documents necessary for claiming:

  • Text of the claim with provided essence of claim, service provided to you by UAB TransTo (Ltd.) and date or order confirmation;
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